About Bob DeStaso Landscaping

Owner and President, Bob DeStaso, has countless years of experience in the landscape industry. Bob started mowing lawns in his New City neighborhood at the age of 15. By the time he graduated from Fordham University in 1994, he had an established property maintenance business. In 1998, he received his Certified Commercial Pesticide Applicator license from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation.

His knowledge in horticulture is one of the best in the industry. Bob teaches pesticide certification classes to other landscape professionals. He is a NYS DEC approved instructor. He strives to solve horticultural problems with environmentally safe solutions and minimum use of pesticides.

Our company does not try to be a one-stop shop. Instead, we are a maintenance company that specializes in lawn care applications, shrub/tree care applications, and outdoor pest control. We work closely with other specialists in the industry to meet your other landscape needs.

Located in New City, NY, we proudly serve the Rockland County area. Since we are a small company and operate within a limited geographical area, we can respond quickly to your needs. We run a tight ship with trained, experienced, and well-supervised crews.

The strength of our company is credited to the fact that we greatly value the loyalty of our staff and customers. We strive to ensure that employees feel worthwhile and appreciated and that they are continually given opportunities to develop skills and to advance within the company. Consequently, there is little turnover among staff. Our staff is familiar with our customers and their properties and service is consistent and professional. As a result, the company has enjoyed lasting relationships with both employees and customers.